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Why I don't like ordinary online beauty courses and why I decide to make an online 1:1 support

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Online 1:1 support for qualified beauty therapist

Welcome to my Blog and I want you to feel proud of yourself straight away looking into this problem, same as me back in April 2020.

Have you ever though beauty online courses sound a bit strange and a bit too quick, too easy, too expensive and they promised too much, but under deliver quality, health and safety, customer service and practice, so no confidence ether???

What is the reality with the online beauty courses at the moment. You find an advert for a quick one day or even half day course, where they can charge around £200 to £300+ even more for an example eyelash extension online course with relevant qualification and kit included to start up with. Sometimes kits are separate big amount to add to the cost. Always basic courses are not enough, and you need to invest in more advanced and more and never-ending spending, but still no idea how to earn money after. Never ending spending roller coaster, isn't it?

Every single person decided to learn beauty in any kind got the passion for it. This is the main reason they always going into this industry, but reality hit them not long after. They spend their hard-earned money, most of the time they are even borrowed or on credit card and after a very short period of time they had been left on their own to "practice" their skills on "friends and family" and to come back with pictures of their key studies for a certificate. And that's how everything wrong starting.... They had been left without supervision, without to have who to ask, if not sure what to do. How about poor friends and family - they beg for their help, support and understanding. They have no idea about performing safety allergy patch test upfront, they struggle even arrange best time for their treatment suiting both sides. Very often friends and family want to help, but do not understand how they are letting you down by arranging something else instead of your pamper and don't even turn up, as they don't quit get how important is actually this for you. How they hurt you with that and how these leads from all the passion in the beginning to all the frustration and struggle later on. Eventually you manage to practice to few people and to make few pictures and present as your key study and you get your certificate, so now what??? How do you start your own business, how do you apply for a job, how to make a CV, how to build confidence, if you haven't got who to ask for help? You are simply waste all your time, effort and defiantly your passion by now.

This is the reality on online beauty courses and I always though it's wrong on any level. I had so many of my own clients saying that they also done in the past some beauty courses and how this was the biggest disappointment after, when they realised, they don't know what to do with them. I met lots of men supporting their wife's and encouraging them to go on online beauty course and how all the arguments in the family later on ends with "do you remember when I spend all of that money for the online lash course, and you never done anything with it?" That's so sad. That is wrong and that has to change NOW.

I want to change all of that, and I want to do it now. In the time when everyone needs change of career, when everyone needs to fit job from home or around kids, when this passion might be the way forward for their own susses and happiness to fit into the "new normal".

I always though online is the way forward. I always thought that convenient time is so important. I always believed that quality, health and safety and customer service, professional and safe is something never should be compromised with. But how to create all of this under one online course? How to build confidence and how to make the most out of your skills, passion and build lovely clients when all you have got is one certificate and lots of products and no one around to ask? How to give individual support and the exact skill, tip or reassurance, if time is money in our days?

I make that online quick and effective Assessing course with a difference, where I concentrate in best effective help to bring the most out of your previous experience, build your confidence, guide you through the process of finding clients, make your accountancy, find the right products and companies to work with and all of that around your family, around your lifestyle and as much time you can spend as you like. Why do I do that? Because I done the same thing 6 and a half by precent (Aug 2022) years ago. After 10 years renting spaces in salons, working for agencies and full-time salons jobs, as a single parent with no family around to help - I want to help, guide and support in their own journey other professional therapists now, when they most need it to do exact the same, as I done and dusted.

All you need is to stay positive, believe in yourself and your abilities, to follow your dreams and to bring all of your passion into real money, into real business and into real future and new beginning. I will help you build all around business from the skills and confidence to the products, all insurances and health and safety, accountancy, managing and finding clients, how to keep them and how to grow them. I use my own over 18 years' experience, knowledge of over 40 qualifications, my maths background and my 2 unfinished teaching university degrees but graduated in UK assessor course. In my maiden country I am coming from I got wide range of experience in so many different jobs and trades, that you won't even believe. I had been working from a waiter in a cafe, to PR on ex energy minister with 4 different companies all in so serious industries as digital security on business centres, emergency EU 112-line, atom power stations and architecting and engineering. I sat down in lockdown and add up all my previous experiences and all my skills to make it work not just for myself, but for all of my industry I spend my career in Uk for the last 18 years. When I keep building experience during the years in Beauty, I simply doesn't fit - neither in the working hours in the industry, neither as a single parent on a child in school age, but I want to show you that this is not always a bad thing. I done it and now I want to help you, so you can do it too. I created individual plan and one to one online supportive step by step course with a difference.

Why do I think this is what the industry needs and why now? Simply because I believe that we are all the same, but different. I customise my treatments always to make the most out of my experience and to match the natural beauty on my clients, but also to match their expectations. That's exactly what I want to do in training further and support other colleagues and therapists. We all go through basic knollage learning process in different colleagues, short or long courses, online or in a small group. But we don't all get the same information, the same support or we simply do not have the same ability to absorb information. Some people learn quicker than others, some need more practice than others. Because I believe that passing experience from more experienced and taking their time to bring the best out of you is what is missing in beauty at the moment. It's all about taking your money and get new people in. That's not the right way and I want to change it. And simply because I reach a point where I am ready to give and support others and with all I know.

If that sounds might be something for you - please fill my Application Form and let's start our journey together:


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