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Electrolysis vs. IPL, Laser treatments and other hair removal techniques

How to choose, which one is the right one for you? The last 10-15 years IPL and Laser treatments become very popular, but do you really understand the difference in between them and what are their benefits? Are you confident enough to choose what's best for you?

Permanent hair removal or Hair reduction treatment- which one your goanna choose?

type of hair removal techniques and how long they last
Hair removal techniques and how long did they last for

Hair removal techniques are varied depend on our lifestyle, type of hair, occasion and expectations.

Some people prefer quick, but not as long-lasting way using Raser and shaving. You need to do that every so often and the results are thickening the hairs, possible in growing hairs, if the right direction is not kept or even some shaving rashes, which are the most annoying and uncomfortable even embarrassing side effects after this technique.

Cream depilatory is very close to shaving technique. Again, the hair growth is very quick 1-3 days, but now lots of nasty chemicals are added in order to melt unwanted hair. This always led to more possible allergy/ side effects, which is not best for your health.

Waxing is very popular hair removal technique used from people looking for longer lasting results of smooth skin. Poor waxing techniques might cause in growing hairs, burning, when temperature is not adequate and how about rash again from not given proper after care to follow at home after the treatment? The client also has to be willing to wait till the hairs gets long enough for the therapist to remove. Not to obviously forget about the pain factor. Some people are way too sensitive for this kind of treatment.

Sugaring or more modern now days Hot Wax or even Hot Film Wax are developed in order to treat areas, which are very sensitive and the hairs there are quite coarse. Bikini area, underarms or even face are benefiting the most from this hair removal technique. To make it more gentle to the client, this wax has been used with application of oil as a barrier in between the skin and the hairs. This automatically makes the treatment half painless then Strip Waxing. The therapist removes only the hairs and doesn't irritate the skin.

Epilator is electrical device for home use. Rollers with small tweezers grab the hairs and remove them from their roots. This method is very painful and time consuming, but convenient for people prefer to save money and do their own hair removal at home.

IPL or Laser removals are permanent hair REDUCTION methods. Some of them are dependent of the hair colour, skin colour, thickness, areas and they are in long term a good investment for smooth skin. After number of treatments in the right time in between them will leave you, if you are lucky enough with 90% REDUCTION on your hair growth in the treated area. You will still need twice per year top up sessions to keep maintenance these results. However, new hairs are more likely to develop or stimulate due to hormonal changes in the body or medications. People very often do not understand that and think about they had been let down by the therapist and do not have the desire smooth, hair free skin they always dreamed of.

The method not in the picture above is what had been developed and is THE ONLY ONE PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL METHOD ON THE MARKET - ELECTROLYSIS.

This hair removal method had been developed during the years and the most advanced on the market is called Blend electrolysis, which I personally prefer and offer to my clients. Blend is combination of 2 different techniques, which destroys the growth centre of the hair with chemical or heat energy or combination of both at the same time. With this method the therapist removes individual hairs from the face or body, without to worry about skin colour or thickness. This has to be taken under consideration from the therapist and to be used the right technique for the best results.

That's why you have to make sure you choose trustful and experienced therapist for your electrolysis treatment. Make your research and invest your time and money with the right specialist in order to achieve best results.

electrolysis method for permanent hair removal
After a very fine probe is insert into the hair follicle, the hair is removed with some tweezers.

How much it cost? Electrolysis: Electrolysis is priced per minute, usually starts from 15 min sessions and the price is around £20. Laser: Price per session is determined based on the size of the area being treated but can range from £50 for a small area (such as the upper lip) to £285 for a large area (such as full leg). How painful is the treatment? Electrolysis: Slight discomfort can be experienced during this treatment. A brief pinch and heat sensation is commonly felt, but only lasts for a very short period of time. Laser: Some low discomfort can be expected during treatment. A mild snap and heat sensation can be felt with each light pulse. The tip of the laser cools the skin before and after each pulse to minimize discomfort, also cooling gels are applied to make these treatments as comfortable as possible. Also, different devices got different sensations. Make your research and invest into latest on the market, as in my opinion this is what they are working on the most at the moment (treating vary hairs and skin types and less pain during sessions). How effective are these treatments? Electrolysis: Electrolysis is a permanent method of hair removal. It works on all hair colours and any hair types. Laser: As lasers target pigment (melanin), they only work on brown or black hair. Patients may experience some hair regrowth after treatments, though the hair is generally much finer and lighter than it was originally. Patients has to book additional maintenance treatments usually 2 per year to maintain their results after their initial set of laser hair removal sessions. Are there any side effects? Electrolysis: Might include redness, swelling, dry skin and an increase in ingrown hairs. Laser: The side effects of laser hair removal can include itching, redness, swelling around the treatment area, a change in skin pigmentation, acne, scabbing and infection.

Let's compare Electrolysis and Laser treatments

Electrolysis 1. Electricity is applied to an individual hair follicle through a thin metal probe, causing localized damage and destroying growth centre. 2. Can be used on any skin colour or hair colour. 3. Usually 15-30 treatments spaced every 3-4 weeks. Sessions usually last between 15-60 minutes depending on the size of the treatment area and client sensitivity. 4. Price is per minute. 5. Mild discomfort. Pinch and heat sensation during treatment. 6. Complete hair removal. 7. Redness, swelling, dry skin and an increase in ingrown hairs. 8. Best for permanent hair removal on small areas of the body but can be used on larger areas. Suitable for all skin and hair colours. Longer sessions and longer overall treatment time required for best results. IPL/Laser 1. Light pulses cause localized damaged to the hair follicle by selectively targeting the moisture in the follicle. 2. Only effective on dark hair. Most effective at treating dark hair on light skin. 3. Usually 5-8 treatments spaced in between 4-8 weeks apart. Sessions can last between 15-90 minutes depending on the size of the treatment area. 4. Price is per area 5. Low discomfort. A mild snap and heat sensation is felt with each light pulse (depend on the device, some are more painful than others). 6. Permanent hair reduction in a large percentage of hair follicles (up to 90%). The client may experience some hair regrowth due to hormonal changes or medications. The client has to be prepared to maintenance twice per year to keep the good results after fully finished hair removal sessions. 7. Itching, redness, swelling around the treatment area, a change in skin pigmentation, acne, scabbing and infection. 8. Best for permanent hair reduction of dark hair on large areas of the body. Fewer sessions and shorter treatment time required for best results + maintenance.

If you are unsure whether electrolysis or laser hair removal is the better option for you, I will be happy to provide you with free consultation on request.


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