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Work full time as self-employed in Hair and Beauty - are you set for failing ???

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Let's start with usual paths to become Hair and Beauty professionals. All starts with a passion, doesn't it? Passion to make people relaxed, passion for that little something you can give and make others happy, then you think that you need to take it further as your future career and you choose to go for a Hair and Beauty Collage or start training and gathering certificates from private providers. No one actually told you that this industry is not regulated properly and it has been cash in hand/hobby for years, but for that issue I will come back a little later.

What is happening with you, if you choose to go ahead with a private provider like myself? You more likely choose a nice flashy salon and think about people working and running it will be totally professionals and will be happy to help you achieve your full potential. But sadly, as in my case more likely they will think about you, as another silly person with lots of passion and no idea what this industry really is and happily will charge you a lot of money for a day, if you are lucky "training" with Certificate meaning nothing at the end.

Finally you will add this to your CV and will start looking for a job in a salon, thinking why no one asked you to go on an interview, if you are already qualified for the job???? Soon you will get the idea that this is not enough to get insurance and start legal practice in the industry. At the end you will spend more money for same training, but with better for insurance purposes certificate, so you will pay twice for the same thing and would either rent a chair in a salon to start engaging with customers and finally start earning some money or will decide to go to a "proper education" in a collage. Either way, at some point you will start having the feeling you need more in depth education and you will start looking for it. Let's not forget what we left in the beginning - that regulations, remember? It is a mind field to find out who is regulated, who can give you that missing peaces and what you should take as an extra step to make your passion a real career, one of those which brings real money and real full time profitable income. I spent years learning and digging into this field and I can clearly tell you - it is a sh...ty situation. Even those, who know exactly what "accredited course" means still will try to buffle about it. I was shocked, when finally I realised the truth and said to myself that I will make the difference. Read and will find out what I created.

So let's go ahead with a "proper" education in a collage. What you will learn there is your Anatomy and Physiology, your Health and Safety, your skills in the fields - all of this is super important and you will be very lucky to have it set and trained in depth as me, but please don't forget many are not as lucky, so improvement is a must there too. But what does this really give you? Is that what you really asked for??? As I can tell you what is the reality. You just spend years in training to become an Employee in a salon ! Congratulations - you had been chosen to do one thing and one thing only and this is to serve someone else's interests, but not your own one. Because what you will usually get is long hours, very hard work (I personally had 5 massages per day), late nights and weekends, promises for benefits, if you sell a lot, but that doesn't mean you will get it and constant work and progress, but stays on minimum payments. You never gonna get a real career, as in another industry would of expect. Wait ... the worst is still to come, when you decide to have a personal life and family, especially kids ... How you dare to have kids ! Then all of the sudden you are no longer "good enough" for the job and someone younger and with no commitments and of course lots of that passion replace you ( if you wonder on this point - no, this is not quite what's happens to me, but close and I have seen the pattern and that exactly what I had been told, when was interviewing are on therapists not to offer positions to).

So, what is your next step ? Of course you will set up your own business in the Hair and Beauty industry. You already spend so much of your time and money to learn, to practice, to improve, to make everyone happy and to become better and better with the same passion and the same idea of making this successful career.

So now you are on another journey - set up your own salon, if you are lucky to have family members lending you money or becoming a mobile therapist. How well do you think you are done on this stage, when you are all by yourself in times, when word of mouth is not what it was, when social media is the most overwelming place to be, you spend hundreds and hundreds of paid Ads with no or little results. Lockdowns, life crisis, recession ... constant messages, constant cancellations, change of plans, sicknesses and all that never ending paperwork piling up. It is nearly impossible to pick up with changes and admin unpaid time.

Where in all those years in training someone trains you in any of the Taxes, teaches you how to create fair pricing for your services and gives you support for growing ? Have you ever had training in sales in the college or in those courses you keep paying for ? How to keep up with Social media, if you are just on your own, how to do all of those things, which don't forget unpaid time ? If you keep trying to keep going you go to Marketing experts to teach you how to target ideal clients, then other offering you to make you a website for free and you desperately get all the positive back, but let me remind you - nothing in this life is free, nothing and you must know all of that by now, no..? A website floating around on the net is nothing, paid Ads with no set up proper measures and targets, reading the date is nothing, come on don't be so silly, don't be that person again. I thought you already learned all your lessons from the past with certificates you can't have a job or insurance with.

Well, things changed and I am here to keep doing just that. 3 years in a making - the software with all latest automations and digital tools to grow and expand is already available. As soon, as the first Lockdown hit, I was like "Aw boy, beauty as mobile or home based need my help". I already had a number of years experience and I knew exactly what I needed to develop, just start searching for partners to do the full business plan with. I cannot be prouder, that I am finally on my mission to help those of you who are ambitious and want their career to be successful. And this suits them around their family, kids and their own circumstances. I am happy to share not only my professional experience in Beauty, but also my top Match schools skills, my Computer Science and my Teaching Assessor too. I will share my software with you, will help you make the most out of your skills and your training. I will master your skills and guide you through automations in order to make balance in your life and to again bring back that initial passion for the industry. I will demand changes in Education and regulations. This is just the beginning and I am so excited to follow my business plan and to make the most out of my education and experiences and to help you achieve the same for you too. And before asking me directly, how is this so cheap, I will answer to you easily - I already paid for it, because I need it for my own mobile business and since I am taking some time out to recover some health issues, I can only do this prices to 5 of you for 3 months and from that point you understand that I need to add more web developers to take over my job and I keep concentrait just on your 1:1 sessions, then I need to pay them for their work and prices will go up, but the digital tool, I create will be always the most valuable for you and I can tell you why. It is all in one, so you might think that you do have an online payment, but this do not promote you and bring customers to you, just give you options for payment. You might think you got website, but constant optimisation is need it, sharing and reading on yur analytic performance and ajust. You might think it's cheap to run here and there ads is enough, it is mindfield and I do all of that for my own website, you just joining to it have all the tools and optimisations for free with one price to pay, no hidden % and extra fees. It is really that simple. Paying small amounts, % and fees in a long run is very expensive especially, if you are on your own and do this full time - that's how figures do not add up. But joining my team, you would never be alone again and help the support and the engagement is real and is 1:1 nothing on a paper, nothing to download. It is really a no brainer.

Come and join me as a Mobile Beauty Biz Team member and use my system with no extra fees for 3 months, get a confidence or mastering class, let me build or optimise your website or just let me set up all automations and client's apps from scratch. I set up digital marketing agency too with lot's of open employment, as well. All is laid up and ready to work together - quick and effective. I got lots to offer - check out what might suit you best or just send an enquiry and I will assess your current needs and tell you what might work best step by step. You are no longer alone. The all in one digital tool is ready for you. Let's get together and make you successful - no matter if you were set to fail. If I can make my partner listen all hair and beauty industry needs, believe in my ideas and develop all my crazy digital demands, partner which had 1,33 billion dollars profit last year, that's how you know I will make this work for you too.

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