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I have been pampered by Lidiya for years through salons and now with the mobile service. I’m always delighted with her treatments! I would highly recommend her for the flexibility, professionalism and excellent prices

Lidiya offers a whole lot beauty treatment. I have had the pleasure of using her services and I would highly recommend her. She is very professional and takes great pride in her work. I have missed seeing her this past year because of the pandemic and I can’t wait to book in once we’re allowed!

Highly recommend Lidiya who I have known for years now and she’s never let me down! Arrives promptly, clear and fair pricing and great service. I can’t fault her. Everything spotlessly clean and she is a lovely person. Book now!


Mobile Beauty by Lidiya 

Mobile Beauty Treatment Provider of the Year - St. Albans 

Global Excellence Awards 2023 LUXlife

Lidiya opened her high quality women only, mobile beauty business in 2016 and is currently offering over 100 treatments and gaining over 1000 customers. 

In 2020 due to her background in IT and Maths she expand to Mobile Beauty Biz - a beauty hub offering the latest digital marketing tools, booking systems and full automations, where she also train online 1:! mastering and confidence boost skills to beauty professionals, while they earn 100% from their services and used her advanced technologies.

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