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How Coronavirus is changing Mobile Beauty Industry

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Hair and beauty are always a must when comes to relaxation, pampering and special occasions. This industry has been known for luxury although many feel like it's a must to feel better and revile in the busy lifestyle reality. During Corona virus Pandemic it's of course giving effect into everyone's life, every type of business and most important the way how we interact with one another.

To be part of the changes and adaptation Beauty has to reflect quicker, than many others, which was developing constantly. Simply, we had been well behind digital world for ages to start with. This gives Beauty hard, extra hard times. Cash in hand and paper notepads for bookings and managing business - hobby not a business is what I would call it. Forget about that or you gonna fail in the process. Act now and don't delay ( you can, if you have lots of savings and you are happy to learn on the hard way). This simply doesn't work anymore. Coronavirus is teaching us to value our time, effort, how about health and safety? Putting values into prospective. How now this will work? How you gonna catch up? How things will get better for customer and for the business?

There is only one way forward if you want to succeed :

  • take your business seriously,

  • train in variety of services,

  • plan and set up goals,

  • go digital with your payments,

  • online exposure (clients are looking online, how they will find you?),

  • online bookings,

  • put your prices up (charge what you are worth),

  • make your prices relevant to your expenses and taxes,

  • improve your hygiene,

  • offer excellent customer service,

  • be very flexible and understanding,

It is a hard work, but it's not impossible. I have done it for the last 5 years as a mobile therapist. I am having the experience, the support and guidance is ready for you and I am happy to give you all my tips and tricks, just put an effort and work hard, don't give up and don't go to old days. Stay true to yourself and be professional. You have no excuse to fail now ;) #wecandothistogether #support #mobilebeautybusiness #mobilebeautybiz

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