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WOMEN ONLY - Minimum spend for mobile services £35 - St.Albans and 8 miles radius in Hertfordshire area

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Book professional mobile beauty treatments in the comfort of your own home, buy eGift vouchers and products. Save with our Pricing Plans and download our free app to manage all on a go.

Are you having a busy lifestyle?

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I set up Mobile Beauty Biz in April 2020 with the idea to help my collages with the affects of Covid on our businesses. I start promoting it online and I had a great interest. My initial plan was to work with everyone individually, offering 1:1 mastering and confidence boost online beauty courses. But then I get that great idea to build all I need for my own business first and then to start sharing it with all of my already qualified and retrained on best practice professionals. This is the only way they can get the real inside out best beauty industry managing and growing small business practice. They will be also able to expand as quick as they are ready to do that and whenever they decide. That way everyone will see how important is to have all the latest technology in one place in order to run effective business in the new norms. 


I strongly believe that helping and supporting one another is the way forward. I do have a wide background in the Beauty Industry in any aspect of it from working in the Central London salons, renting places, in house training in Spas and during my over 18 years of experience I gain more than 40 certificates and I become an Assessor too. I opened my Mobile Beauty by Lidiya business in 2016 with the idea to work around my family and to do what I love doing, with the highest standards on health and safety, latest products and equipment, best customer service experience, but at the same time with all the latest digital tools too. In the new norm our industry do need lots of high tech tools in order to run effectively. I was searching and I couldn't find all I need it in one place, so I decide to build my own platform and to share it not only with my own clients, but with all my collages too, as I know they need it.


This platform will allow all of us to interact much better, to choose all services in one place, to fill digital forms with digital signatures for our insurance purposes and make payments easily, allow digital taxes, as you know this is also coming in 2024, taking prepayments with easy online booking system, so you can book at any time of the day your pampers and avoid missing your treatments. We will be able to call you safely even while we driving to your address and letting you know, if there is a traffic, so you do not worry or we get stressed that we might be late. All our messages will be on one place, we won't be confused about which social media platform we last get in touch. You and your therapist will be able to see times in between your treatments and spending, will allow you make group bookings, buy products and leave us valuable feedback, which will help us perform even better services next time. The therapists will receive my professional help in their career, get their own  profile page which they can share and promote on social media and I can give them the tips and tricks how to grow their business, skills or treatments even more. I will also give professionals platform where they can share all they learned and ask questions and that way we can all get better in order to give you the best service and best experience every time.


Who can say "no" in our busy lifestyle to professional customised natural looking eyelash extensions, beautiful nails, stress free ear piercing, special occasion pamper parties, painless and long lasting waxing, professional threading, targeting muscle relieve massage, relaxing and long lasting hydrating facial or even permanent hair removal Electrolysis and so much more to choose from, without to compromise on high quality or health and safety. Salon and Spa high standards are now available for you to book online and enjoy in your own home. Mobile Beauty Biz is the platform where this will all come together - experienced professionals, clients and the latest digital technology in one easy and quick software system. I am so excited for the future of the mobile beauty therapists and services.

Lidiya Dimitrova

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